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4 Reasons to Choose Regenerative Medicine

Many conventional treatments for painful, chronic conditions have produced results that come with a number of drawbacks. Back surgeries, for instance, are laden with a number of risks, including a risk that the treatment may be ineffective or even cause more pain than it alleviates. Other treatment paths may have low success levels, require extensive commitment from the patient or may only temporarily improve symptoms instead of providing true, lasting relief.

Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary treatment path in that it uses the body’s own healing ability to recover from injuries, reduce pain and improve mobility. We offer a range of regenerative and allographic therapies in order to give our patients access to the widest range of treatments for fuller healing and relief. Regenerative medicine offers a number of dramatic benefits, which include:

One: Regenerative Medicine Is A Less Painful Treatment

Many conventional treatments involve painful therapies that may take weeks or months to offer full effectiveness. Regenerative medicine, by contrast, most often involves targeted injections of tissue into the exact place where they can do the most good. Most patients report lower levels of pain with regenerative therapies than with a number of other treatments.

With surgery, recovery often involves the healing of an incision site and may also require drainage tubes and other accessories. The injection sites that are involved in regenerative medicine may leave behind minimal bruising and will cause only minimal discomfort. With some procedures, the process itself is painless due to the use of mild anesthetics. In most cases, the treatment can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. During recovery, icing the treated area for 10 to 20 minutes every two to three hours is sufficient for coping with any resulting discomfort. Most people report few, if any, side effects.

Treatment with regenerative medicine is not instantaneous. It will take time for your body to regenerate tissue. However, during healing, you will feel far less pain than you would during healing from both an injury and surgery.

Regenerative medicine can also be used in conjunction with other treatments to offer faster healing. By using these complementary therapies together, you can experience a cessation of pain more quickly and potentially avoid more painful treatments down the line.

Two: Regenerative Medicine is a Non-Surgical Option

Our philosophy focuses on offering the least invasive treatments as a first line of attack against acute or chronic injuries or illnesses. While surgery is sometimes the best treatment option available, it is one that is not without complications. Surgical treatment options can often involve weeks or months of recovery time. Even minimally invasive surgeries may require extensive healing before you can begin to feel the full benefits.

With regenerative medicine, you can get treatment in a way that is completely non-surgical. Most therapies involve an injection of tissue into the injured area. The small injection will, instead of leaving a surgical incision, leave a small affected area that will heal far more quickly.

Three: An Opportunity for Personalized Medicine

Many regenerative medicine treatments use the patient’s cells. Platelet-rich plasma, for instance, begins with drawing your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to extract platelets and plasma. These tissues are then injected into an injured part of your body, where they can begin helping the body part heal more fully, naturally.

Individual cells in the body join together into blocks to form tissue. These tissues can include muscle, bone, tendon and other structures. In general, groups of cells come together and secrete substances that become their own support structures. After an injury or with age, the body’s ability to do this effectively on its own may be hampered.

Certain regenerative medical treatments rely on introducing greater concentrations of the body’s growth factor to allow healing to happen more rapidly and completely. Research on self-healing continues to show that these therapies can offer excellent outcomes for patients. By using the patient’s tissue to augment natural healing processes, we increase the chances that therapy will be effective and that the patient’s body will be able to heal more effectively than it could on its own.

Four: A Low Chance of Rejection

When synthetic materials or most tissues from a donor are used in therapy, there is a chance that the body will reject these materials and attack them as invaders. This immune response can counteract any therapeutic benefit and may even lead to materials having to be removed.

As previously noted, many regenerative medicine procedures, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy, use your cells as part of the therapy. These cells are already known to your body, and thus come with very little chance of rejection.

Other procedures use human amniotic tissue. This tissue comes from the innermost layer of the placenta, the tissue that shields the fetus during pregnancy. Amniotic tissue, which is donated during C-section births, is considered the only tissue that is universally appropriate for the purpose of transplants. This tissue is accepted without the risk of rejection.

Overcoming Chronic Pain

The body of research that backs up regenerative medicine continues to grow. In one study on tendonitis treatment, a full 93% of those who were treated with platelet-rich plasma therapy reported greater mobility and reduced pain two years after the fact. In a different study on pain relief and regenerative medicine, only 3% of participants opted for surgery one year after receiving this non-invasive therapy instead.

We work with our patients to provide the most effective, least invasive treatment possible. By using a range of treatments in conjunction with one another, we can help you reach a fuller recovery with fewer undesirable side effects. Are you suffering from a painful chronic condition? We can help. Get in touch today for a consultation.

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