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Back pain is serious business; ask anyone who suffers or has suffered with back pain. A strong back can become weak with one wrong twist, bend or lift. The pain management doctors at Clearway Pain Solutions give these tips to help you avoid back injuries rather at home or in the work place.

The human body was built to bend, flex, and overall just move. So sitting still for long periods of time is hard on your back. But how you bend, flex, and move is important to protecting your back from injury. Gaining and maintaining a strong core will help protect your back, too.

Let’s look at lifting. We do it without thinking. Just reach down or out and pick something up. When you do it right, you’re alright. But when you do it wrong and you can’t straighten up or you have a muscle grab, all you really know is that “something went out in your back, and it hurts.”  To reduce strain on your back, simply avoid bending and lifting whenever possible. But when your little one holds out chubby hands to be picked up, or you must move that box to load, or any other number of lifting and moving that you do every day, do it smart.

  • Bend your knees with your feet shoulder-width apart. Don’t bend at your waist.
  • Squat to lift, and use both hands.
  • Stand up straight, using your legs and abs.
  • Keep the load close to your body rather than lift with extended arms.
  • Don’t hold your breath as you lift or carry a load.
  • Move your feet and whole body to change direction with a package rather than twisting at your waist.
  • When putting a load down, use these steps in reverse.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of every five injuries in the workplace is a back injury. So be smart and lift it right. Stretch before you lift and stretch between lifting loads. Exercise to strengthen your core.

Exercise that strengthens your core muscles will protect your back. A strong core is an important back injury preventive – like having your own built-in back belt. Engaging your abs when you lift supports your back. Strong arms work with your back and core when lifting loads. Whatever you do to add to your physical strength is an investment in protecting your back.  Also, exercise helps you maintain a good weight, which is also good for your back.

If you do hurt your back at home or at work, just call Clearway Pain Solutions in Pensacola, Florida. Remember back pain is serious business. For serious pain relief, call the pain management doctors at 850-484-4080 to schedule an appointment. Clearway is your ultimate source for complete pain management care. Call today.

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