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Car Accident Injuries Can Have Long Lasting Effects on Your Health

Car accident injuries can have long lasting effects on your health, even low impact collisions.

Seeing a chiropractic doctor after you have been injured in a car accident will help you get the treatment you need. Chiropractic care can safely eliminate pain, inflammation and tension. When you combine proper rehabilitation and spine strengthening, you have a better chance to heal properly and more quickly.

The chiropractors at Clearway can diagnose soft tissue injuries immediately and treat them expeditiously. Soft tissue injuries are what the majority of people suffer in auto accidents. Many people will go to the ER following an auto accident. In many cases they are released with prescriptions and no rehabilitative treatment.

Prescriptions are a short term solution for a potential long term nagging injury. At Clearway Pain Solutions we know it’s important to realize that doctors in the ER don’t specialize in auto injury rehabilitation; their main function is to rule out life threatening situations, we can help.

If you have a soft tissue injury caused from a car accident, call or stop by our MVA Center today to see a chiropractor. Treatment of soft tissue injuries is what chiropractors do with the best possible results. If you have a broken bone, you would want to see an orthopedic surgeon and we would refer you there without hesitation. If you have an infection, you want to go to your primary care doctor for an antibiotic.

It’s also important to know that low speed or low property damage accidents can cause serious injuries; in spite of what some people may say. You could have minor damage to your car and still be in a lot of pain. Your car does not have to be a total loss for you have serious injuries. The momentum absorbed by an occupant of a car involved in a collision can be very high causing microsecond injuries.  Our specialist at Clearway Pain Solutions are highly trained and are able to determine the needs for patients in all kinds of motor vehicle accidents.

Many times a collision can result in a misalignment of the vertebrae in you spine. A misalignment of your spine or neck and cause nerves to be compressed. This may cause you to have numbness or a tingling sensation. Relieving the compressed nerves in your spine alleviate the pain and discomfort and help restore motion and function.

If you have been in a car accident, stop by our dedicated MVA Center located at 698 Brent Lane to begin your road to recovery and learn how we can help get you there! No appointment necessary.

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