Dr. Bryan Boerjan of Clearway Pain Solutions Institute wins 2015 readers choice best chiropractor

Pensacola, FL, June 15, 2015– Clearway Pain Solutions Institute proudly announces the Dr. Bryan Boerjan has won the 2015 Readers Choice Best Chiropractor for Pensacola’s Best of the Bay. At Clearway, we strive to provide exceptional pain management care. When asked why Pensacola voted Dr. Boerjan as 2015 Readers Choice for Best Chiropractor he responded,


Our patients get better faster with our team approach allowing them access to a comprehensive array of treatment options including chiropractic treatment, physical and massage therapy, medication management, and interventional procedures in one convenient location”.


Dr. Jeff Buchalter, Dr. David Fairleigh, Dr. Mark Larkins, Dr. Ken Garrett, and Dr. Bryan Boerjan along with their staff have the expertise and over 75 years of experience to treat every type of muscoskeletal injury or degenerative disorder leading to acute or chronic pain.