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How Can Physical Therapy Reduce My Pain?

October is National Physical Therapy Month in honor of physical and rehabilitation professionals who help patients resolve their pain and restore their physical function. To raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapy and related treatments for pain, we’re launching a two-part blog installment that covers what both physical therapy and chiropractic care can do for those suffering from pain. In this week’s blog, we’re sharing how physical therapy can help reduce pain.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the treatment of a disease, injury or other issue by physical methods such as therapy-specific exercises, massage and heat or cold treatment.

Physical therapy is designed to ease pain and improve function so you can move better and live the life you want and deserve. Your Clearway pain practitioner may prescribe physical therapy for you if you need to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Improve movement or physical function
  • Prevent or recover from a sports injury
  • Prevent disability or surgery
  • Rehabilitate after a stroke, accident, injury or surgery
  • Improve balance to prevent falling
  • Manage a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis
  • Recover after giving birth and relieve uncomfortable postpartum symptoms

Who Are Physical Therapists?

Physical therapists are experts in identifying, diagnosing and treating pain as well as identifying the source of the pain. They are licensed health professionals who have specific graduate training in physical therapy and are sometimes referred to as PTs or physiotherapists. They treat people of all ages and abilities.

What Can I Expect From Treatment?

When you come to your first physical therapy session, the therapist will assess areas of weakness, lack of mobility or stiffness that could be causing pain or lack of function. They will design a treatment plan based on your individual case that may include:

  • Strengthening and flexibility exercises – using machines, resistance bands or your own body weight
  • Low-impact aerobics training – to increase heart rate with minimal impact on joints
  • Pain relief exercises – to target areas that are causing pain so you become stronger and more flexible
  • Stretching – to help reduce pain by creating more flexibility in the joints and muscles
  • Massage therapy – to help release tightness in muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons
  • Treatment with ice or heat – to reduce inflammation or warm up muscles; both can lower pain
  • TENS and ultrasound – to reduce pain by blocking pain messages sent to the brain

Clearway Can Help

Dr. Kendra Keyes Metcalfe leads the Clearway physical therapy team. She holds her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine and her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Dr. Metcalfe and her team can create a comprehensive physical therapy plan that is designed specifically for your physical issues to relieve pain and restore function.

If you would like to learn more about how the Clearway Pain Solutions physical therapy team can help with your pain, schedule a consultation now. Call us at 855-527-PAIN or click here to request an appointment.

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