Services Offered

  • Pain Management
  • Interventional Pain Management Procedures


Mon8:00 am4:00 pm
Tue8:00 am4:00 pm
Wed8:00 am4:00 pm
Thu8:00 am4:00 pm
Fri8:00 am4:00 pm

Insurance Accepted

  • Aetna Better Health   
  • Aetna/Coventry (Includes Coventry of DE)   
  • All Workers Compensation Plans       
  • Amerigroup    
  • Amerihealth HMO/PPO         
  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield          
  • Carefirst Community Plan (MD, DC)  
  • Cigna  
  • Cigna Healthsprings   
  • CorVel
  • Dept. of Labor
  • Humana ChoiceCare  
  • Johns Hopkins EHP    
  • Johns Hopkins Healthcare     
  • Maryland Physicians Care      
  • Medicaid (MD, DC, DE)          
  • Medicare (MD, DC)    
  • MedStar         
  • Motor Vehicle Accident PIP/Liens     
  • MultiPlan
  • Optum VA (formerly VA Community Care Network) 
  • Prime Health  
  • Priority Partners         
  • Provider Partners Health Plan
  • Railroad Medicare     
  • Tricare Certified Non-Network          
  • United Healthcare (Commercial/Medicare)  
  • United Healthcare Community Plan (MD)     
  • United Healthcare Dual Complete     
  • US Family Health Plan


Catonsville, MD

5.0 Stars


May 31, 2023

I enjoy coming to clear way pain because the doctors listens to you they don’t say this is what I think and that’s it they actually listen to you the staff is awesome at all times rather in person or on the phone I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Kathleen Sanders

May 25, 2023

Dr didn't know what I needed or when I needed so I had to call my doctor. For more information

Theresa Gonzalez

May 24, 2023

Great doctor's and wonderful staff

Erin Simpson

May 15, 2023

Dr. Rodrigus is one of the finest empathetic Doctors my husband has encountered! A busy man who finds time to address my husbands problems. The Office mgr Tia should receive office mgr of the year for her kindness and hard work to get things done-Thank you Tia! I would have to say the Columbia office Dr Hareem was the exact opposite. Opinionated, condescending, arrogant and disingenuous. My advice avoid her. The most unpleasant meeting and person my husband has ever encountered. She is in the wrong business. I asked to never have any appointments or contact with her. A know nothing know it all with her hands on her hips spitting out disinformation about my husbands condition. After meeting with her it wasn’t any surprise the office was completely empty. Ms. Ding! She would have been a great doctor at a concentration camp! Dr. Sanderson I’m so happy you needed to tell me your position in the company-I don’t care-obviously you do! Your part as a doctor is to minimize pain and suffering not spit out how good you are and after telling you I’m suffering and in pain and you say too bad I’m senior partner and I’ll do want I want and threaten me with if you don’t like it find another way- I will! Dr. Marie you are simply a liar! It feels like you both are punishing me for being on medication. You are proof that your company is profit motivated and don’t care about your patients position. You have the power to decrease my suffering not increase it! Your communication is convoluted.

Lillian King

May 11, 2023

I like the way they treat you

Theresa Hamilton

Apr 28, 2023

Dr.Alex is a great Doctor and he shows cancern about your health. Only problem I don't have transportation all the time.and wish it was like .my last pain management where's the we would do telehealth for 5 months and then I'll come in a lot of times I don't feel good to catch three buses out catonsville. Plus I always lose something on the bus like my tablet again and I'm so hurt.

Yvonne Cash

Apr 19, 2023

Overall, the Catonsville location has pretty nice staff and have been very helpful and supportive. So, far my favorite doctor is Dr. Sanderson. Although, I may be a bit bias as he has been the only doctor who has injected me for my discomforts (lol). Dr. Sanderson has shown me even after being under anesthesia tenderness and concern which is much appreciated and needed as many doctor's are only in it for a paycheck. Great work Catonsville office I see why this location is popular.

Even to have in office staff call you and work out necessary task. Much respect Catonsville office.

Oh and a suggestion Clearway you should set aside remote or tele-follow-ups times with the doctor's for the many patients who are not able to make it in office for only 5 or 10 minute office visit. It would free up actual office time and space and still be billed through insurance. Just a nice suggestion and it could also free up unnecessary visits too.

Now as for the call center Sebastian I am not a big fan of and have not since the beginning. You are the call center you should not be asking personal questions as most information you ask is honestly none of your business and is a HIPPA violation. To call in for an appointment or a follow-up anything else is not your business. If someone asks to speak to another operator then it should not be an issue. If I had it my way I would not speak to you at all.

That is why I only gave 4 star's because of the call center otherwise Catonsville would have had 5 stars .


Apr 17, 2023


William Ochs

Apr 13, 2023

Mostly it's a good experience, but the last two times there was an error on the prescription received by the pharmacy. Instead of the usual half hour wait, it took more than two hours to rectify. Waiting for pain meds while in severe pain . . . anxiety, stress.

Donna Ashe-Spriggs

Apr 08, 2023

Doctor George Marie is Awesome! She explains everything to me clearly and eases my fears.

Marion Lesniewski

Mar 26, 2023

I recently went to Clearway's Catonsville location Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 9:00 AM for the first time. It was my first experience as a patient at a pain management clinic and this part of my journey is new. I was impressed with Dr. Rodriguez, as he was straight forward in explaining the rudimentary aspects of my condition. I began noticing symptoms nearly twenty-five years ago and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease during 2014-2015. It has been a very difficult, painful and distressing time. Fortunately, I found a PCP that actually cares and referred me to pain management. My first impression was fairly good due to the fact that Dr. Rodriguez had that no-nonsense, let's get to the issues attitude, that gets things done, without making me feel like he was rushing through the process. It immediately became obvious that this guy has a lot of experience, confidence and can be trusted.
Now, the downside; I filled out my online registration answering all questions thoroughly. There were multiple forms at the end of the online registration that I signed off on, ie. HIPPA, Opioid Antagonists, Addiction, Permission to share relevant information with other practitioners, etc. All very reasonable. I completed that online registration and submitted it several days prior to my appointment and it sent. Upon arrival Wednesday, March 22, 2023 for my 9:00 AM appointment, I still came early. After filling out a form to describe my current pain levels, locations, etc. and sign off on a couple more things, the receptionist told me that my online registration ''did not go through''.
Now it is after 9:00AM and I had to use Clearway's tablet to register and sign off on all those forms again. When I logged into their system, on their tablet most of my information (from my online registration days prior) was still present. As I frantically went through page after page, a young lady called my name to go back for vitals. When she saw me with the tablet, she almost made me sit back down in the waiting area, but let me finish signing off on all of the dox at the end of the digital registration while walking to the exam room. She appeared irritable and short-tempered as I sat down to get my vitals.
I completed the last two or three signatures feeling very apprehensive as I wondered why anyone working in pain management would have little regard for the physical and psychological conditions patients in need of this kind of care live with constantly. Maybe she has her own issues affecting her interaction with me on that specific day. Afterall, it was my first appointment and I think it wise to ''give benefit of the doubt'' in these situations.
Gratefully, my first impression of Dr. Rodriguez was fantastic and I quickly put the rough patches during reception behind me. I am looking forward to my next appointment at Clearway Pain Solutions with hope that I will begin to get some relief from the chronic pain that has plagued my life and often made me feel less than human. It would be a dream come true if only I could feel free enough to take my grandchildren to the playground, parks, fishing and maybe even play music again without being a miserable wreck due to the chronic pain.

Deirdre Smith

Mar 26, 2023

I think I Michele is a Great Doctor
Thank you.

Celesta Heriot

Mar 24, 2023

My pain has been bad for two years and now coming to Clearway Pain Solutions I can feel some relief.

C. McBride

Mar 22, 2023

Clearwater staff is very professional, courteous, knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

Jonie R

Mar 18, 2023

Ty for seeing me on short notice for my muscle pull, Mrs Marie- Garber PA and Doc Rodrigez have been great to me this yr. I've been going to clearway for about 15 yrs for back issues and Injections. I really do t want to leave but my new insurance is exclusive to particular places. I hope I get in one or 2 more months so the transition of all my doctors are not to hard.
Highly recommend both of these providers and follow the rules and you too can have a practice for as long as I have from westminster to owings mills to cattonsville which is where I see both of these docs.. highly recommend them.

Nicol Taylor

Mar 14, 2023

My experience was great the Dr was awesome

Michelle Wallace

Mar 11, 2023

They don't rush you through your appointment, take time to explain what's going on with your health, and what need to be done to help your situation.

Regina Brown

Mar 03, 2023

My Doctor Michelle is wonderful! The team was pleasant.

Tyrone Toliver

Feb 21, 2023

Everything is ok there and i enjoy the office as well, Thank you for your help.

Machelle Simmons

Feb 14, 2023

Professional Environment. Good Customer service & hours of service.

Shadeed Graham79

Feb 07, 2023

It was excellent

john gaino

Jan 24, 2023

Pleasant office . . . No one could’ve been nicer . . . and Dr. Sanderson was attentive and easy to talk with.

Rosa Neal

Jan 24, 2023

I normally go to the Owings Mills site, but they were able to fit me in at the Catonsville site. I just couldn't "picture" how to get there via memory. I was late and they were gracious enough to still see me.

As usual the personnel were all helpful. I have now used 3 of the sites and I have been satisfied with them all.

Sandra Hall

Jan 21, 2023

Everyone was polite and patient because I couldn't go to the bathroom right away they let me stay until I was able to go.

Nat. Johnson

Jan 04, 2023

Very courteous and the doctor listens to you.. He's trying to find a solution for my pain and I really appreciate that's better than the other places I've been.

Glenda Ragin

Jan 04, 2023

Caring Friendly Staff & Dr. Daniels. Is Amazing.. always trying to give her best.

April Stanfield

Dec 30, 2022

In and out. My doctor, Dr. Bury is the best. Into his patients health and well-being. Thank you Dr. Bury.

Nisey B

Dec 17, 2022

I like the service at Clearway and the doctor was amazing she explained everything in detail.

Jasam Stewart

Dec 15, 2022

Nice clean office very nice and fast appointments

Tyler Saradji

Dec 13, 2022

Always a pleasure seeing the doctor at Clearwater pain solutions. They are so compassionate, caring and they listen when you tell them your concerns. They probably saved my sons life!!

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