Ben Tacheron, MD

Dr Tacheron has been a practicing physician for over 35 years, and has practiced both anesthesia and pain management for more than 25 years. He is a Maryland native and most of his career has been on the Eastern Shore. He graduated from Georgetown University, completed a medical internship at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, and an anesthesia residency at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut. After board certification in anesthesia, he has practiced continuously as both an anesthesiologist and pain management physician in a variety of settings. Prior hospital associations include Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Maryland for over 20 years, Vail Medical Center /Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, and hospitals in western Arizona. He practiced pain management exclusively in western Arizona for five years, prior to recently returning to the Eastern Shore. 

Dr Tacheron’s treatment of chronic pain includes careful assessment of causative factors, recommendations for preventive therapy, a graded multimodal approach to treatment, and ongoing strategies to maximize return to functional status. Goals of treatment are jointly determined. Practical strategies are emphasized, and treatment is individualized to patient needs. Patients are assisted in developing an exercise plan that works for them, where significant functional improvement can be attained with minimal cost. A wide variety of medications are available to assist in pain treatment when indicated. Interventional therapies include spine injections such as epidurals, nerve blocks or facet injections, joint injections, nerve injections, and musculoskeletal injections. These are performed using x-ray guidance or fluoroscopy. Nutrition, physical therapy, manual techniques, meditation, behavior modification and holistic medicine approaches also have important roles, and are integrated into the practice.

Although Dr Tacheron’s focus has always been clinical care of patients, he has also been the Chief of Anesthesia in four hospitals during his career, two of which are in Maryland. Outside of the office, Dr Tacheron enjoys hiking, bicycling, dog walks and family. He and his wife have been renovating a Victorian home on the Wicomico River.