Back pain

Effective pain management solutions can sometimes be difficult to find, especially for those who suffer from the persistent discomfort of degenerative disc disease. This occurs as the discs begin to wear down and develop small tears and cracks. Given that these structures help to cushion the vertebrae and make movements easy and pain-free, their degeneration and the resulting loss of fluid and elasticity can make life nearly unbearable. Fortunately, many of us in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, and DC have access to a range of innovative pain management solutions when working with the professionals at Clearway Pain Solutions.


While there is currently no cure for degenerative disc disease, those who suffer from this condition do have options. The spine specialists at Clearway Pain Solutions take an individualized approach to care with each and every client. They use integrated therapy and treatment plans to promote improved mobility and greater levels of discomfort. With their help, it is often possible for people to regain a sense of normalcy and balance in their lives.

Some of the treatment options include trigger point therapyfacet joint injectionsepidural steroid injections and massage therapy. These options are ideal for those who have received chiropractic care in the past but have not been able to experience consistent or marked relief from these treatments. They are also perfect for patients who do not wish to experience the severe and often highly unpleasant side effects that many common pain medications entail. With strategic and individualized therapy plans, degenerative disc disease sufferers can regain control over their lives and can start reclaiming lost mobility.

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