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Are your feet a “pain in the neck?”

Clearway Pain Solutions is a multidisciplinary practice; meaning we have several ways to help treat pain and help return you to the life you had before the onset of pain.

One option for a treatment plan would be custom foot orthotics through our Physical Therapy department.

Foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back problems may be alleviated and even prevented with improved alignment of your feet. Custom foot orthotics allow your feet to function the way YOUR structure dictates rather than adapting to your shoes and walking terrain. In other words, they customize the ground you walk on. They allow you to stand, walk, run, and jump in the most efficient way and minimize stress & pain in other parts of your body.

At Clearway Pain Solutions Physical Therapy, we provide a thorough lower extremity and foot bio-mechanical assessment to evaluate your specific needs in a custom foot orthotic. We then make “slipper-cast” impressions of your feet and discuss all the recommended customized options for our lab to build.

Many insurance plans cover these custom foot orthotics. For patients needing to self-pay we offer a lower than market rate for such individualized service.

If you suffer from foot or leg pain contact a Clearway Pain Solutions provider at one of our many locations in Florida, Alabama, Maryland, and Delaware and get back to the life you enjoy.

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