We Are All-Around Workers’ Comp Experts:

Medical, Administrative, Payor and Compliance

Injuries in the workplace require special care, and not just because of the potential medical complexities of the injury, but because of the administrative complexities and the need for all-around Workers’ Comp expertise.

The team at Clearway is focused on providing injured workers and their employers with quality diagnoses, effective and integrated treatments, quick turnaround of administrative requirements and appointment setting, and great communications between Clearway case managers and everyone involved.

Here’s our promise to you:

  1. The Best Possible Results:We are focused on achieving positive treatment outcomes, decreasing costs and reducing lost work time, and doing so in a patient-focused, compassionate system of care.
  2. Administrative Expertise: The Clearway team has extensive experience with and understanding of OSHA requirements, knows how to work with payors, and is aligned with the goals of employers, as well.
  3. Communication: We believe not just in thorough communication, but in fast communication, so we keep all clinical staff, payors, employer, and most importantly, the patient, up to speed so that everything is well coordinated.