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The power plate has been raising a lot of questions from patients receiving chiropractic care over the years. The great team of physicians at Clearway Pain Solutions wants to provide answers to some of the general questions in regards to the Power Plate. The burning questions you might have on your mind are, “What is the Power Plate?” and “How can it help me?” In this article, we will address both of these questions.

What is the Power Plate?

The Power Plate is considered to be the worldwide leader in whole body vibration therapy, due to it providing a wide range of benefits to users of any age and physical condition. This piece of revolutionizing equipment has helped to address a number of debilitating symptoms, such as chronic back pain and speed recovery time from a variety of injuries. The Power Plate has been helping those, who use it quickly, return to their normal daily functions.

Through the whole body vibration technology of the Power Plate, you’ll be able to increase your strength and balance. The vibration of the Power Plate is designed to help trigger neurological responses in the muscle, which stimulates a patient’s reflex. The growing popularity in the use of this piece of equipment has everything to do with the benefits that patients have experienced.

The growing benefits the Power Plate has demonstrated in patient rehabilitation and chronic pain management has been reported by a variety of healthcare professionals. The following improvements that are being reported, by chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapist are:

  • Faster Recovery of damaged muscles and tendons
  • Tissue recovery from post ACL reconstruction has accelerated
  • Decreases in overall and specific areas of pain
  • Improvements in sensory motor function in spinal cord injuries
  • Reduction in pain, improvements in mood and increased activity levels in patients with fibromyalgia

The Power Plate has assisted in helping healthcare professionals find a successful treatment method in managing a variety of disease and illnesses such as: cerebral palsy, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis.

If you or a loved one suffers from a debilitating condition or chronic pain, Power Plates could benefit you. Want to learn more information about Power Plates and more treatment options? The skilled medical experts at Clearway can help you.  We’re your number one source for managing your pain in Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas. Give us a call at 850-484-4080 to set up an appointment and pain assessment today.

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