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What is Physical Therapy Used For?

Many people encounter physical therapy if they have a sports injury or surgery. However, physical therapy covers a wide range of patients and conditions. How much do you know about physical therapy at Clearway Pain Solutions, and what it can help treat?

Try Our Physical Therapy Quiz

  1. True or FalsePhysical therapy can help you heal after an injury or surgery.
  2. True or False: Physical therapy can help prevent further or additional injuries.
  3. True or False: Physical therapy can help an athlete return to the sport they love.
  4. True or False: Physical therapy can help you regain capabilities you thought were fully lost.
  5. True or False: Physical therapy can help improve your balance and mobility.
  6. True or False: Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery you thought you needed.

Answer Key

  1. True. One of the most common specialties of physical therapy is helping to heal after an injury or surgery. Many people know of physical therapy for this reason. After surgery or injury, you usually have a reduced range of motion and aren’t able to do certain things. Working with a physical therapist helps you return to daily activities, gain back motion and strength, and avoid re-injuring the area in the future.
  2. True. By utilizing specific stretches and exercises indicated in your plan of care, you can strengthen the area that was previously injured. Building up this area and ensuring it’s in the shape it needs to be is what helps you avoid another injury.
  3. True. One of our specializations is sports medicine. Sports medicine is focused on sports injuries and restoring people to the sport they love. We focus on things like balance, muscle strength, and range of motion to make sure that you’re fit to be back on the playing field.
  4. True. Physical therapy isn’t a miracle, but it can sometimes feel like one. By utilizing the proper techniques, you can gain range of motion and abilities that you thought were completely lost. Our physical therapists use a custom plan for each client, targeting your problem areas and focusing on them.
  5. True. Physical therapists specialize in assigning exercises and techniques that focus on things like this. They go at your pace and progress your exercises when you’re ready to take them to the next level. You’ll slowly notice strength, balance, and mobility in the targeted areas as you go through physical therapy.
  6. True. While it may surprise you, sometimes physical therapy is all you need to heal your problem. Before your operation, we work to make sure the strength and range of motion are as ideal as possible in the targeted area. Just doing this can sometimes solve the pain and issues you’ve been having. If not, it’ll make physical therapy after your surgery go a lot smoother.

Clearway Physical Therapy

At Clearway Pain Solutions, we offer physical therapists that specialize in all sorts of target areas. Get the help that you need today for your mobility and strength. Call us or schedule an appointment online!

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