The opioid epidemic is a national public health crisis, but you don’t have to become part of the statistics. If you have chronic pain, there are solutions available for you at Clearway Pain Solutions in our convenient offices in Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and Michigan. Clearway Pain Solutions works with patients to find alternative, holistic pain management methods with minimal to no use of prescription painkillers.

We believe that a focus on holistic pain management helps patients find relief from most chronic pain without the need for opioid pain killers or other prescription medications. Opioid medication is highly addictive and doesn’t actually treat the cause of the pain. The pain management treatment we offer at Clearway Pain Solutions work to address and relieve pain so you can return to your normal, pain-free life.

Clearway Pain Solutions has a variety of holistic treatments and therapies available.


Our patients receive one-on-one care from the same therapist for the duration of their therapy with a focus on delivering quality treatment that focuses on the cause of the pain rather than just the symptoms.


Trigger point injections are used to treat pain in areas of the muscle called trigger points, which are knots of muscle that forms when muscle fails to relax. They deliver a dose of steroid and anesthetic directly into the painful muscle.


Epidural steroid injections offer relief for patients who have lower back pain and leg pain. This non-surgical method of treatment can be very effective for treating patients with sciatica and lower back pain. The injection delivers a dose of steroids and anesthetic into the epidural space in the spine.


The goal of headache management is to reduce stress and tension to the involved tissue(s) by restoring mobility, improving muscle balance and posture, as well as identifying activities that contribute to the problem.


Rhizotomy is an effect treatment for chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease, where in pain causing nerve roots are destroyed using radiofrequency waves. This procedure is also used to treat neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy and is sometimes referred to as facet rhizotomy when used to treat back pain.


Facet joint injections deliver pain-relieving medication and are used as part of an interdisciplinary approach to pain management and therapy. The facet joints are the small joints at each segment of the spine. Providing stability and helping to guide movement, the facet joints can become damaged by arthritis, injury or stress to the back.

Clearway Pain Solutions offers these and other treatments in several locations across Delaware, Maryland, and even Michigan. Schedule your individual consultation today to find pain relief so you can live the life you deserve.