The opioid epidemic has recently been declared a public health crisis. The over-prescription of opioid painkillers for chronic pain has contributed to an uprise in addiction and overdose. KureSmart Pain Management works to help patients find an alternative, holistic method to pain management with minimal or no use of prescription painkillers.

Kure Pain Management has recently merged with Smart Pain Management to help provide holistic pain management to a broader demographic. We believe that through minimally invasive therapies and pain management and coping skills, patients can find relief from most chronic pain without the need for opioids and other pain medications. KureSmart Pain Management is a team of experienced and highly trained physicians and therapists who work cooperatively to help patients live healthy, productive lives free from pain.

Your KureSmart Pain Management doctor will work with you to build a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. We provide comprehensive health exams and personalized treatment plans for effective and efficient pain treatment. Some patients may benefit from multiple treatments and therapies for optimal results.


Chronic pain can be debilitating. Patients who suffer from chronic pain miss out on work and social events and are often left feeling alienated and hopeless. KureSmart Pain Management’s holistic approach to pain management helps patients reintegrate into their daily lives with minimal to no pain and without the risk of forming an addiction to painkillers.

KureSmart Pain Management offers treatments such as:

KureSmart Pain Management helps patients ease chronic pain conditions with minimal or no use of opioid painkillers for a holistic approach to pain management. If you are suffering from a chronic pain condition, have been using opioids to manage your pain, or are looking for an alternative method to treating your pain, contact KureSmart Pain Management. Our expansive team of doctors has offices in Maryland and Delaware.