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If you suffer from Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) and have not responded to conservative treatments, ReAciv8 may be right for you. When physical therapy and medications don’t work, this small rehabilitative device may be the solution to help relieve your low back pain. This device is specifically designed for patients who may suffer from nonspecific back pain or muscle dysfunction. Our skilled medical professionals can discuss the benefits of this long-term option with you to see if you may be a candidate.

What is Reactiv8 and How Does It Work?

ReActiv8 is an FDA-approved implantable device specifically designed to address Chronic Low Back Pain known as CLBP. ReActiv8 targets the root of the low back pain which is the key stabilizing muscles of your lumbar spine. If you have been diagnosed with CLBP, you may feel like you are in a series of chronic pain episodes which may make it difficult to move which causes muscle deterioration. ReActiv8’s rehabilitative therapy can interrupt this cycle of pain by painlessly stimulating the nerves of your low back muscles and initiating therapy which cause beneficial contractions. This signals the brain to restore the muscle causing pain relief of your low back progressively.

How is the Reactiv8 Procedure Performed?

ReActiv8 is placed by a trained physician that will implant the device in your lower back. The procedure is considered minimally invasive and takes approximately 60-90 minutes, you can go home the same day. There are two parts to the device, the leads which are placed in the muscle and the remote which controls the stimulation. You can control the therapy sessions by a small handheld wireless remote two times daily which last 30 minutes each. You will feel the muscles in your low back contract and release during the therapy session which will help to improve your pain gradually over time.

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