Motor Vehicle Injury

Medicine, Law, and Insurance

Treating Patients Recovering from Auto Accidents

Medically speaking, injuries from vehicle accidents can be very complex and tricky. The legal and insurance dynamics surrounding them can create even more challenges.

At Clearway, we have developed a comprehensive program that addresses all sides of this complicated equation, from easy access to quality medical care, to administrative expertise that meets legal and insurance requirements.

Medical Expertise:

  • Immediate Medical Services – We provide immediate motor vehicle accident injury evaluations without an appointment. Our Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) physicians assess injuries right away and provide information about the need for medical or surgical care related to the accident.
  • Our patients benefit from continuity of care from their first assessment all through recovery, which means fewer returns to the emergency room and faster, more cost-effective treatment.
  • Our physician-directed integrated approach means a wider range of care options to give each patient the best care possible.

Administrative Expertise:

  • We work with insurance companies so that our patients can concentrate on healing instead of paperwork.
  • We use the ACOEM and ODG guidelines for pain management, which many insurers use as their authorizing guidelines.
  • We have extensive experience and highly developed systems and processes designed to support the important work of law firms that are involved in vehicle accident cases.
  • You can trust Clearway to provide the documentation, billing summaries, and other materials needed to help ensure that patients get the care to which they are entitled.


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